Marmota steve

Alexandru's Facebook avatar, that was used for a short time on Kongregate.


Alexandru-Liviu Grigorescu is one of the founders of SteelShield Studios and the creator of this Wiki. He is known on the Wikia community as Steve Greg and in other communities as AlexFromRomania, Steve Marmot, ChesterB or King Nargon.


Alexandru-Liviu Grigorescu was born on 26th June 1995, in Predeal, Romania. He received his first computer at the age of 11 and internet connection at the age of 14. Ever since, he tried to make a name on the internet, first by calling himself "Steve Greg" ( and later "Steve Marmot") and he became moderator/supervisor on multiple websites and games.

After many failures as a moderator and supervisor ( unfairly demoted due to a long-standing personal feud with multiple known computer hackers), he tried to join the flash game industry. His first contribution is an uncredited translation for a quiz game on the gaming website Kongregate . Days later, he joined a browser text-RPG game called Heroes of Ardania, and since the game was still in the beta phase, Alex can be considered a beta-tester, just like anyone else playing it.

Years later, after he became a known member of the Kongregate community as "AlexFromRomania", he met Romanian developer Zaharia Ionut Andrei. The two collaborated for a number of flash games, with Alex doing only testing at first, and later also doing the games' storylines and gamemaps.

SteelShield Studios

In early 2013, Alex and Ionut decided to make a name for themselves, as a group and after a short debate in one of Kongregate's chatrooms, they both agreed upon the name of "SteelShield Studios". As the group's debut game, they decided to release an improved version of one of their already-released games, Legends of Verakia. Shortly after, Alex and Ionut tried to recruit more people in the group , but because of personal issues, they both stalled the project shortly after the release of Legends of Verakia 1.5.

On 23rd March 2013, Ionut independently released Lost in Darkness on Kongregate under the Studio's logo. As of April 2013, Alex started doing graphics for a medieval war game, but cancelled the project .

At the end of June 2013, Ionut released another game independently, A Saviour's Tale , and an Improved version for ir, without any input from Alex.

It is beleived that Alex is now working on a modern strategy game.

Alex can be contacted via Facebook, Kongregate or E-mail.