Lost in Darkness is a flash game created entirely by Zaharia Ionut Andrei and released by him under the SteelShield Studios games, altough the other developer did nothing but beta-testing.

Development and ReleaseEdit

The game was in development since work on Legends of Verakia 1.5 ended, with Zaharia Ionut Andrei (Gheata) creating unit models and backgrounds.

The game was officially released on Kongregate on 23rd March 2013, being the second game released by SteelShield Studios.

Gheata updated the Studio's Facebook feed with up-to-date information about the game, showing an average of 3 levels created per day.

Three days after the release, Gheata kept updating the game with bugfixes and new features. The game averaged 2.6/5 on Kongregate as of 25th March 2012

Storyline and GameplayEdit

The storyline is simple. The player takes control of a General with a vendetta against a mighty dragon that "killed all he loved".

Gameplay consists of buying units with a set amount of money. In the shop screen, the player can see how many of each unit the enemy will have and can plan his attack accordingly, because some units are weak against others, with three types of armor, three types of attack and three type of resistances. It may seen easy, but the enemy will always have more units than the player can buy, so here comes the hero, the before-mentioned General that compensates the lack of units. Only one General is available per battle. Losing him doesn't instantly result in defeat, but losing all units is a clear defeat.

There are a number of increasingly-difficult levels, in which more and more units are unlocked. The final level consists of a battle against the Dragon.

The game can be played here.