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The text logo of SteelShield Studios, as of 28th March 2013


SteelShield Studios is a flash game developer team founded by Alexandru Liviu Grigorescu and Zaharia Ionut Andrei on January 29, 2013

Alex and IonutEdit

Alex and Ionut found eachother on the flash game website Kongregate, under the usernames of "AlexFromRomania" and "Gheata".

Since 2012, they worked toghether on flash games, Gheata doing art and programming and Alex having minor involvement as a tester and later storyline-writer, map designer and game manager.

Gheata was making flash games long before meeting Alex, creating games such as The Dark Road or Wartime.

Alex started his activity as a beta-tester for Gheata's game The Hero of Idilia . He continued as a tester for The Battle for Erunia, and created the concept for the next game, Legends of Verakia.

On 29th January 2013, Alex and Ionut created SteelShield Studios, made the studio's e-mail address ( , the Kongregate profile, a Facebook page and other accounts.

SteelShield StudiosEdit

As SteelShield's first game, Ionut and Alex decided to release an improved version of their last game, and called it Legends of Verakia 1.5.

After the release of the first game, the duo started to work on the next game, with help from flash game developers Elliot J. "Converse", PukingPunk, Blake Reynolds, Pixelated Birdy and Kathy K. The project was stalled due to unexpected real-life issues of both founders, altough Ionut continued to work independently on a project that was released on March 23rd, Lost in Darkness, and which became the second game by SteelShield Studios.